Arable and Fodder Beet

Joss oversees all of the arable work on the farm. We grow cereals such as barley, wheat, and oats as well as oil seed rape and fodder beet on the farm. Due to the variable soil type which can change from sand to clay over a very short distance cropping is adjusted to suit the soil on a field by field basis. Generally fodder beet and barley are grown on the sandier land and wheat and oil seed rape on the heavier land.

We grow fodder beet to feed our stock on the farm, but we also sell this to livestock farms around the North of England. It is widely used in Dairy Cows’ diets to ensure they have plenty of energy to produce delicious milk.

Our cereals have a wide variety of end uses such as porridge, malting, distilling, pet food and biscuit making. Our oil seed rape is crushed to release its oil which is used as a vegetable oil and to produce biodiesel.  Joss is now learning to drill the crops – but he cannot drive in a straight line! As a result we have equipped the tractor with GPS autosteer and it now steers itself. All he has to do now is not fall asleep!

We sell our high quality fodder beet between the months of December – April each year. Our fodder beet is harvested and stored on our family farm, and we arrange delivery to you. Your Fodder Beet will arrive clean to enable you to use your fodder beet straight away.

Richard Spilman has built a positive reputation as a leading fodder beet supplier. Many farms across the UK source their fodder beet from our farm.

Richard promotes his fodder beet at auction marts in the North of England, where you can see him and have a chat about what you may need. Alternatively, you can contact the farm directly with what tonnage of fodder beet you require.