Available to buy in our Farm Shop from April to June.


Our freshly picked asparagus travels less than 5 miles from Helperby to Sessay. You cant get much fresher than that!

Richard planted the first asparagus 10 years ago and we now grow three different varieties of asparagus; Gijnlim, Portlim and Avalim across ten acres of sandy land on Pasture Lane in Helperby.


The asparagus is sold to many of the best hotels in the UK and restaurants through Wellocks and we also supply some local shops. You can also order your fresh asparagus directly through us.


Our asparagus is all planted by hand in May and is cropped two years later. The secret to our great tasting asparagus is the pride we take in carefully planting our asparagus, plus the sandy soil that it is grown in. The asparagus roots are able to dig very deep down into this sandy soil.


Once the asparagus is ready, it is all picked by hand and carried in baskets straight to the packhouse, where it is sorted, cut and prepared by hand whilst it is fresh. It is then bundled ready for sale the same day to our customers.