It's back and even bigger and better than before!

Spilmans Pumpkin Festival 2019


Spilmans Pumpkin Patch is open from 1st October for PYO pumpkins and it is free to enter our farm,
you only pay for what you pick.

On Halloween Festival days (October weekends and 23rd-31st) is when there is much more going on.
It is still free to enter the farm plus free tractor rides. You still pay for the pumpkins that you pick in the patch and if you wish to use our carving barn, this is pre purchased tickets only available via our website (click here).

Each ticket includes exclusive access to 2 spooky walks, spooky cinema, and witches potion kitchen.

Our carving barn will be in the same place as last year but bigger and better! In the pumpkin carving barn we will have lots of helpers and carving kits for you to use. We take care of all the mess and you take your pumpkin home.

There will be lots of other entertainment in the barn with our

• happy singing pumpkins

• spooky walk for older children and spooky walk for the really young ones too!

• Plus our spooky cinema!

Pre book your tickets for our peak festival days to ensure you get a space!


This year the pumpkin shop and the carving barn will be separate from each other. We have separated the two to ensure visitors are served quickly and well directed on site.

Our pumpkin shop will be next to the field where you can pay for your chosen pumpkins. There will be many more pay stations than last year. There is no need to book to pick your own pumpkins – just turn up on whichever day you like. But we recommend booking your carving barn Halloween Festival tickets  for our peak days, to ensure you can enjoy carving your pumpkin on site and experience all the other spooky entertainment that is going on!

This year we have planted 30,000 pumpkins and 1000s of decorative gourds. We have white, red, green, yellow and of course ORANGE. We have all shapes and sizes from miniature up to enormous whoppers over 20kg! Come on down and pick your own pumpkin!



(Peak days are the 19th and 20th October and the 23rd to 31st October)
You can purchase tickets for any day on the carving barn and this will ensure you always get a space.
Carving barn costs £6 per child or family ticket (4 kids) for £22


Is it muddy?

It can be if it has rained so it is advisable to bring wellies and a coat.

Will the pumpkins keep if I buy them at the beginning of octeber.

Yes they will if you don’t carve them until nearer Halloween. They should be kept cool and dry.

Is there plenty of car parking?

Yes we have lots of space as we have added another temporary car park.

Do I need to book to pick my own pumpkins?

No you don’t just turn up on your favoured day.

Do I need to book the carving barn?

On peak days it is essential and on none peak days you can book to ensure your space as it can get busy on off peak days as well. But is not essential on these days. The barn has a limited number of spaces to ensure everyone really enjoys it.

What types of pumpkins do you have?

We have small ones to extremely large pumpkins over 20kg. We have squashes/gourds there are yellow, green and red ones. Pumpkins can be white, knobbly and of course orange.

What are the prices of the pumpkins?

Pumpkins start at £1 and go up to £10 for the Whoppers!