We are famous for our Spilman Beef sandwich and our Lamb & Mint Sausages!

Farm Reared Beef & Lamb

Available to buy in our Farm Shop and taste in our Cafe!

Our Cattle

The secret to why our Spilman meat tastes so good is our passion to ensure that all our cattle and sheep are cared for to the highest standards using traditional methods to bring a great tasting end product to your plate

Our cattle are grazed extensively from May to October on the fertile flood plains of the river Swale and spend the wet and cold winter months in the comfort of the fold yards on fresh bedding, fed on a diet of home grown barley and straw. Our cattle are predominantly native breeds such as Aberdeen Angus and Hereford.

When the time comes, the livestock are slaughtered only 8 miles away reducing food miles and the stress to the animal. We pride ourselves on low food miles, and all our beef is hung for three weeks and the lamb for seven days to ensure tenderness and full flavour. It is then packaged and delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

* You can order Pasture Lane Meat boxes online at www.spilmans.co.uk


Our sheep

are grazed on grass during the Spring and Summer and stubble turnips through the Winter. Our ewes are predominantly a traditional mule breed, selected for their good mothering skills in lambing time and large, strong frames. these are ‘tupped’ by either the traditional Suffolk tup or the continental Texel; both of which produce superb tasting lambs.